TIL #9 - 2019-01-10

Published on 2019-01-10

Today I learned about the amazing concrete blocks - the mirrors - that protected Great Britain, and how they worked. This is old school tech when it's best.

This article shows a lot of the mirrors and explains them very well.

It turned out I actually re-learned this - because Tom Scott actually put out a video about these concrete mirrors a few months ago. It isn't any less facinating though. They are the remains of a time when all of Europe lived in fear. I remember than the sirens (for alarming about air strikes) was tested all over Denmark on wednesdays - every week.

I also learned why bamboo is mostly unusable as a replacement for wood - this article describes it very well - spoiler: bamboo is not wood, it is grass. The overall structure makes it a poor use for building material and/or firewood.