TIL #7 - 2019-01-08

Published on 2019-01-08

Today I learned a lot about the upcoming game Anthem from BioWare - I've been watching video about it and it looks like a refreshing take on the looter-shooter genre.

I watched a video by MesaSean, another video by My name is Byf and finally a video by Datto - all of them seem to have been recorded at a visit at BioWare in Stockholm (Sweden) - I like the seriousness of the game along with the verticality and the emphasis on abilities instead of mainly shooting guns!

Watching these three videos made me quite confident in the title - I must say I didn't know much about it beforehand.

I also watched a video of a BMW concept car! And the future is bright! I want a car like this!! We can talk about the style of the interior - but the feature set of level 3 autonomous cars is going to be mind blowing! I wouldn't like to commute in a car like this!

Speaking of cars - someone made this awesome video of a crash test with the LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS set - I hope that a crash test with the real car is less shattery.