TIL #4 - 2019-01-04

Published on 2019-01-04

Today I learned that the cherry blossom trees of Japan was blooming last fall - for the second time this year.

The second blossoming might be caused be extreme weather events during the year - and it has happened before. I have so many questions about this - is the second round causing the blossoming to be less? When the plants reproduce is it still as productive etc.?

Check out the article.

I also learned that Bill Gates aparently is way more active on the day-to-day operations at Microsoft than first asserted (when Satya Nadella stepped up as CEO). You can read about it in this article. It is amazing that Gates brings his insights to the table in a Microsoft that essentially deliver the same offering as it did when he founded it - but having moved from single computer softeware to Software as a Service (counting both Windows, Office and Azure etc.).