Not really random?

Sat May 22 2021

I just ran into some very interesting in my own Go code. It turns out that random numbers aren’t always really random. Check out this code: If I run the code (check it out on the Go playground) it will produce this result: The interesting part is that it produces the same result every time […]


Saving Power with black

Sun Jan 31 2021

This is probably the coolest random fact to dump into my inbox in a while. Check this article out – OLED screens simply turn off when they display black – therefore they consume less power. This should be a good argument to adopt dark mode – but only if that means more all black surfaces […]


Formula 1 Telemetry (F1 2020)

Sat Nov 28 2020

I am starting a new project! Yes – I know – this must be shocking! I found out that the F1 games can spit out telemetry. This is awesome news – because telemetry means A LOT in Formula 1 – as explained in this video. The game (F1 2020) let’s the player setup the broadcast […]


Figuring out F1 engines 🏎

Thu Sep 24 2020

It has been a puzzle for me for some time now – ever since I re-started watching the Formula 1 championship. Why are the cars and the era referred to as turbo hybrid and what does this mean?! I think the largest problem is that I don’t know much about engines in general – I […]


Stupid Gatsby! đŸ€Ż

Wed Sep 02 2020

I just made some changes to the website that included moving things around in the Gatsby code – well actually the React code rendering the blog posts. On the front page of the blog – where the posts are listed – an excerpt of each post is shown. Because the excerpt contains HTML it has […]


End tags in PHP

Sat Jan 11 2020

I’m getting back into PHP. This is a good thing (but more on that later!). It has been years since I’ve been programming PHP and therefore this might seem as old news to everybody else that is doing just a little PHP programming every now and then: You don’t have to close your PHP start […]


When should we ship?

Thu Jan 02 2020

Question: What software is the most valuable?Answer: The software that actually gets released! This small statement is obviously a funny punch towards long running software development projects that ends up never getting shipped – I guess it is born out of the agile movement (though I’m in no way sure). For the sake of this […]


Programming the Raspberry Pi with Go

Tue Jun 04 2019

I have a couple of Raspberry Pis in the house. They are used for various tasks – from hardware experiments to server tasks. One of the big advantages of writing Go is the ability to cross compile code to other platforms than the one you are using the compiler/toolchain on. Anyone who has tried cross […]


API er en strategi

Sun Jul 22 2018

Et API er en strategi. Det er ikke noget man lige klasker pĂ„ sit produkt, sĂ„ man kan checke den sidste feature af og vĂŠre fĂŠrdig. Alle laver Software as a Service – alt er online, og det er som udgangspunkt godt! Der er mange fordele ved at levere SaaS, men blandt de stĂžrste skal […]


Fix Smadret PS4-controller

Fri Jun 01 2018

Denne artikel beskriver kort hvordan fĂžrstegeneration PS4 Dualshock 4-controllere er gĂ„et i stykker og hvordan jeg fandt et hurtigt nemt fix til dette. Som de fleste andre fĂžrstegeneration PS4 Dualshock 4-controller er mine ogsĂ„ gĂ„et i stykker. De kan stadig bruges, men det gummi der sidder pĂ„ de to thumbsticks er skraldet af. Det gĂ„r […]